First post: let’s keep it busy

Welcome to the blog, and a toast to post numero uno : ) Cheers!

I’ll start off by describing my workout basics as they stand today, and will revisit them a year from now. There’s no such thing as “the perfect workout” – your body gets used to stuff and progress can stall, so change is good.

Ok, here it is – I like a busy gym. Active people add to the atmosphere, which can be worth an extra rep, and with an “audience” you’ll want to show your best. In a quiet gym, it’s too easy to give up and go home. But how about the equipment…it’s all taken…that guy’s on my favourite machine? Not a problem. Pick something else. I’ve never been in a gym yet where EVERY piece of kit is taken. Even then you could do still do bodyweight exercises. You can see where I’m going with this: a busy gym forces you to break up your routine, ditch your usual moves and keeps your body guessing and adapting. All good things : )


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