Straight talking on the deadlift

Ok, time to introduce some exercises, and let’s begin with the deadlift – one of the pillars of any strength-training programme. Nothing to be afraid of here. It’s a brilliant exercise for your legs, develops a vice-like grip (if you ditch the straps, and unless you are trying to break world records, you won’t need straps), and requires holding a strong posture in your back and shoulders. Also, it’ll get your heart pumping. What’s not to like?

Tons of advice out there on technique, but for me, the master is Mark Rippetoe. As you’ll see in the clip below, he get’s right to the point and has the mechanics nailed.

Key teaching points made by Mark –

“Put the middle part of your foot under the bar”

“Feet, vertical jump width [apart]”

“You have to accommodate your position to the bar [which wants to move in a straight vertical line]”


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