Dumbbell bench press – part 1

Ok, now that we know a smart way to pick up dumbbells, let’s head over to Gold’s Gym, Venice Beach, and do some bench pressing with Joe Tong and Hidetada Yamagishi.

As Joe points out in the clip, there is a lot of scope with the dumbbell chest press to execute the exercise in relative comfort by adjusting the position of your hands and elbows. With heavier weights, I really notice discomfort in my left shoulder if I keep the dumbbells horizontal at the bottom of the exercise. To fix this, I tilt the dumbbells slightly towards the chest, which reduces the stress on the shoulder.

Another benefit of using dumbells over a bar is that the separate weights help to balance your strength gains on your left and right sides, which is beneficial to posture. Finally, please note Joe’s closing comment – “make sure that you have a weight that you can control – don’t let the weight control you.”

If you are unsure about any strength-training exercise, start light and rehearse the technique.


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