60/20/20 and 1(2,3) = perfect formula for rowing

Welcome to this evening’s post, where Jay Blahnik and Josh Crosby are going to talk through the finer points of how to row – tips that apply both to the popular Concept2 design as well as the whizzo WaterRower pictured in the clip. The rowing machine is a brilliant piece of kit, and much easier to master than you might think. Plus, it delivers a whole body workout, which can be a great antidote to a day spent in the office sat stooped over a desk.

Look out for the following teaching points from Jay –

“Get the order right – legs first, then core, then arms”

“Get the power right – 60% (legs), 20% (core), 20% (arms)”

“And then get the timing right – 1 count out on the drive and 2 counts back in on the recovery”

Now that we’re up to speed on technique, it’s time to find out what kind of shape we’re in via the Four Minute O’Neill Fitness Test !!!

Protocols such as the O’Neill test or the Cooper test, which relates to the treadmill, are useful ways to track your progress or assess your current condition, and for me make the aerobic segment of a workout more engaging.

I’ll update the post with my latest O’Neill result when I’m next in the gym : )


Distance rowed in 4 mins = 1045 m
Protocol = Concept2 rower, damper setting (5), start from rest
O’Neill verdict = above average (but not by much!)


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