Workout diary: Thu 23 Jan 2014

I’ve got a 3 hour company meeting tomorrow, which is a lot of sitting down time! Not good, unless I’m recovering from a workout ; ) Quick, let’s bring Friday’s session forwards and get to the gym!

Here’s how this evening’s workout played out –

First up, deadlift, beginning with a light warm-up set and then increasing the weight. It’s a whole body exercise, recruiting large muscle groups, so I place it first on the list and hit it while I’m fresh. Rippetoe’s tips on deadlift stance are spot on. As you begin the move, it might feel like you’re leaning too far forward over the bar, but the setup works a treat. Deadlifts build great forearm strength and will improve your grip no end.

Next, some lateral pull-downs (wide grip). Nothing heavy, the motivation here is mainly to stretch-out the back after those deadlifts.

And now onto shoulders, which I’ve decided will be the focus of this evening’s workout. First up here – seated shoulder press machine. I want to lift fairly heavy, and make sure that my shoulders are doing most of the work, which is the thinking behind picking a machine in this case over free weights. For the sets, I’ll pyramid the weight up and down, aiming to peak for the heaviest set.

After the shoulder presses it’s back to the lateral pull-downs, again to stretch out the back.

From here, it’s onto cable lateral raises to work the medial (or middle) deltoid, hitting the exercise one arm at a time. Then I switch to front cable raises to work the anterior (or front) deltoid, again doing the move one arm at a time. I’ll run through these exercises one after the other until my shoulders are well and truly cooked.

Now, time for some cardio in the shape of a light run. I’ve got some 10k races lined up starting early summer and so it’s time to progress up the training curve. The plan this year is to work first on running duration and then build up the speed. At the moment I’m running for 20 mins at easy-easy pace and will up this 30 mins over the next couple of weeks, before speeding things up. My PB is 39m51s (or something like that), so my body needs to be happy for running for 40 minutes at a time (at least).

Finally, it’s over to the rowing machine for a go at the O’Neill test to lay down a marker (you can see my result in the updated section of yesterday’s “how to row” post).

Workout summary
• Deadlifts
• Lateral pull-downs (wide grip)
• Seated shoulder press machine
• Lateral pull-downs (wide grip)
• Cable lateral raises (front)
• Cable lateral raises (side)
• 20 mins treadmill (easy-easy pace)
• Rowing machine (O’Neill test)


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