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The mission behind Working out the workout is to signpost great thinking on exercise.

A bit about me
I’m an office worker, which as someone who enjoys moving around and exercising can be a bit frustrating. To stay in shape I used to cycle a fair bit, but ditched that when the roads filled up with too many cars. Then I switched to running, mostly 10k races (although I did drag myself around a few half-marathons too…watching my brother disappear into the distance as I hit the wall at the 11 mile mark). The eureka moment though was joining a local gym. When I signed up, I thought I’d probably spend most of my time on the bikes and treadmills to get an outdoors-like workout fix minus the dodgy weather (it can rain A LOT here). And that’s how it rolled, for a few months at least, until one session I decided to have a go on the weight-training machines, and not long after that got a demo in the free-weights room (cheers Tyrone). And wow, this was something different. Brilliant in fact. I could redress some of the ills of the office, put my (awful) posture back on track and give my body the workout it deserves. Inspired, I took exams in gym instructing and then a diploma in personal training to find out more. For the time being, I’m keeping the day job (to pay for repairs to our frustrating, but ultimately fixable, house), but one day…

Enjoy the blog : )

JT – Bristol, UK

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